Innovative Simulation Tools, Shielding and Instrumentation 2019 (ISTSI2019)

Holiday Inn St. Petersburg, Russia, June 29th 2019

- a SINE2020 WP8 "e-tools" satellite event of ECNS2019.

The workshop is held as a dissemination activity of the WP8 workpackage in the EU SINE2020 Project and is open to all ECNS2019 participants (registration needed, see below).

Talk title
Welcome and SINE2020 / WP8 introduction

Peter Willendrup, DTU/ESS
News from the RESTRAX/SIMRES project, including MCPL support and McStas bindings for SIMRES

Jan Šaroun, NPI
News from the Vitess project including MCPL support

Egor Vezhlev, FZJ
News from the McStas project, including interoperability solutions for SIMRES, Vitess and MCNP

Peter Willendrup, DTU/ESS
Developments in the MCPL software framework

Thomas Kittelmann, ESS
An optimised neutron super mirror patch for MCNP, with applications (ESS-Bilbao)

Esben Klinkby, DTU/ESS
CombLayer-driven MCNP-McStas simulations for simulating instrument signal to noise

Esben Klinkby, DTU/ESS
McStas and Scatter-logger driven calculations of prompt gamma shielding for neutron guides

Rodion Kolevatov, IFE
Studies of relevant design-parameters to enable compact Larmor devices in ESS designs

Katia Pappas, TUDelft
Magnetic field calculations for compact Larmor devices in ESS designs

Michel Thijs, TUDelft
Simulation benchmarks for experiments at the PSI BOA beamline

Erik Knudsen, DTU
Extensions to the Bonner Sphere Spectrometer at PSI, plus experiments and simulation benchmarking for newly developed concrete

Masako Yamada, PSI
Studies of material composition and neutron activation, plus related simulations

Eszter Dian, MTA-EK and Esben Klinkby, DTU/ESS
(Agenda in PDF format available here)

(Image from Wikipedia article on St. Petersburg, Photographer:Panther license CC BY-SA 3.0)

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 654000.

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Created by Peter Willendrup / Thursday May 23th 2019